How We Make Our Compost

Our compost is made up of the waste from right here at Lambholm South.  As such, it is composed of straw, wood shavings, hay, and last but certainly not least - horse manure.   These ingredients are mixed thoroughly and laid out into long piles known as "windrows".  Once the piles are formed, the microbes present in the waste are fueled by the moisture and oxygen from the mixing.  They become active and begin the process of breaking down the materials.  All of this action causes the windrows to heat up and reach temperatures suitable to kill all pathogens and weed seed that might be present in the waste material.  

‚ÄčThe windrows are turned several times in the first few weeks of composting to allow fresh air into the pile which allows the little guys breaking down the material several chances to get revitalized and heat up that pile.  

After a few months the composting process is finished and the pile has cured into a rich, black, earthy smelling compost.