Improve Your  Soil 
• Our compost is made up of manure, hay, straw, and wood shavings- all of the stall waste from our horse farm operation.   The manure provides rich vital nutrients to soil that aid in plant growth.  Furthermore, the nutrients are stored in the compost so that they "slow release" to allow the plants to absorb at their own pace, as opposed to direct fertilizers that flush the plants and need constant reapplication.  
• The woody material make-up of the compost helps to improve the water holding capacity of the soil by up to 45%.  This is especially important with the very porous sandy soils that we find here in Florida.  
​• Compost improves soil tilth, which is defined upon characteristics of porosity and structure; meaning your soil's water and nutrient holding capacity will be greatly improved. 

Decrease Soil Borne Disease 
• Our compost is windrowed and "cooked" to ensure that it is free of weed seed and pathogens.
• Furthermore, compost itself can help deter soil borne diseases such as Rhizoctonia Solani (patch disease), Anthracnose in cucumbers and several forms of root rot in seedlings.

Support Your Plants and Your Community 
​• By creating compost with our waste here at Lambholm South farms, we are reusing those valuable nutrients, making them available for new growth.  Nutrients leaching from animal borne waste can cause significant damages to groundwater, springs, and lakes by causing a buildup of algal growth.  By creating compost with our waste, we are putting these nutrients back into the growth cycle in a beneficial manner.  By using Ocala Organics, you will be supporting both your plants and your community!

Benefits of Using Ocala Organics Compost

For Use in Home Gardening, Potting, and Landscaping Projects